Our childhood favourite Areej Juices gets a new avatar

  • تاريخ النشر: 2024-01-24
Our childhood favourite Areej Juices gets a new avatar

After decades of delighting customers since 1977 and successfully meeting the ever-evolving consumer needs, Unikai Foods PJSC is thrilled to launch the legendary Areej Juices in a brand-new form: Areej Ice Lollies

Areej Lollies are here to make you smile, relive beautiful memories, and conquer your hearts all over again. These new popsicles are colourful, pre-frozen, full of natural flavours, and infused with childhood memories. Unikai has thoughtfully retained the nostalgic 1979 recipe and packaging for their most popular flavors, such as orange, mango, raspberry, pineapple and more exciting flavours to be added soon

Areej Ice Lollies, a modern twist on the renowned Areej Juices, are the perfect addition to Unikai"s constantly evolving product portfolio, arriving just in time for the UAE"s scorching summers 2024

These yummy, sweet treats from childhood can be found at supermarkets like Nesto, Union Coop, Madina, Talal, small grocery stores, and online grocery portals like El Grocer, Noon Minutes, and Waynik, to name a few

These classic flavour invites the current generation to experience a taste that will always be remembered while enabling the children of the past to reminisce about their early year

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